Summer Camps


Supervised Free Play

Kids will have the chance to choose between socializing with friends, playing board games, supervised technology use, or playing a variety of active games during this time.


We will provide the time and structure for kids to participate in Coding and Raspberry Pi based activities. It will be the participant’s responsibility to bring technology to participate. We will provide Lego’s and a program to accompany.

Organized Sports

Kids will be exposed to flag football, kickball, basketball, track, and soccer.

Weekly Martial Art

Each week we will run a specific Martial Art and the seven we will cycle through are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, Gymnastics, and Self-Defense.

Learn 2 Learn

Our Learn 2 Learn program focuses on teaching kids about how everyone learns differently. It gives them the opportunity to work on projects that are specifically interesting to them. We leverage technology to differentiate projects that are similar based on the needs of the student. This program is designed by one of our Georgia Certified Teachers.

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